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Since we appreciate your time & money, we are very pleased to present you here our currently available berth vacancies. Now you can easily browse through our offer including price, size & location of every berth available for you, including close-up images for the selected berth.
Since we offer several different services how to store your boat, plese select the one which suits best you needs... and click MORE INFO ... in the open right corner.
Premium berth service
Leave you boat in professional hands and have a peaceful mind... We will take care of your boats as it would be ours. So when you come back again, your boat will be ready for you in perfect shape.
berths available now

COMBINATION OF SEA BERTH + LAND BERTH - special opportunity for additional boat land storage 

will be charged only 15% of regular PREMIUM annual berth price!


In price included

  1. GENERAL: Moorage berth, drinking water consumption, intervention within one hour at faults on the marina infrastructure, mariner assistance when entering or leaving docks 24/7, piloting service to the dock on previouse notice, weather report at the marina reception
  2. PERSONAL: Sanitary facilities with warm water 24/7, accessible toilet facilities, high speed WLAN, Internet cafe centre, webportal for clients
  3. SAFETY: Proactive boat care — marina surveillance and boat surveillance 24/7, Weekly surveillance report with a photo of the ship and all untertaken activities, marina video surveillance 24/7, video surveillance of vehicles entry and exit 24/7, insurance policy against damages caused by the marina 8.000.000 €
  4. ECO: Emergency intervention system in case of pollution, separate waste collection points, disposal of used oil, batteries and other hazardous waste available, pump-out system for draining the waste tanks available

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